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How To: Map to Evolv Datasets (Video)

Thought I would do this one as a video tutorial since there are a lot of steps to complete in order to use the Map to Evolv Datasets functionality. Apologies for the audio– I intended to record a cleaner voice over but it just wasn’t meant to be on this one.


Dean is a System Administrator at The House of the Good Shepherd in Utica, NY. He has been working with the myEvolv application since 2013.

3 thoughts to “How To: Map to Evolv Datasets (Video)”

  1. HI Dean, thank you for creating this. When you pasted the SQL in the virtual view, from where did you get this?

  2. Dean, I need a list of referrals, who are pending, and the reason they are pending. I don’t see any Canned report I can use. The only possible one is report_logi_referraltoprogext. Assuming it is, I am not sure how to create the sql for this. There are the fields. people_id program_name referral_date full_name referral_reason status status_reason

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