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myEvolv Tips: Third Party Software Installation Files

myEvolv uses some third-party plugins for things like scanning and printing. The installer for these are supposed to execute automatically for users when they reach a point where they need them. For example, the MeadCo’s ScriptX plugin installer will launch for users who try to print on a machine that does not have the plugin installed.

These installers are available to be downloaded on demand so that they can be pushed out with group policy or pre-installed on machine images. On the old forums site, I had found a listing of the location of each of the installers and grabbed a snapshot of it before it closed down. Recently our own IT people were wondering about how to get one of the plugins and it reminded me that I had the snapshot somewhere and also that I should post it here since it is something I’m sure others have needed.

The table below will lists the program and it’s location. The location is relative to your agency’s myEvolv login page. For example, if your agency’s myEvolv login page is and the location for the file you want is imageX.msi, then you will go to

Third Party Software Installation Files

File Location Note
Spell Checker Demo remarks field at /remarks.html ?
Printer Smsx.exe MeadCo ScriptX
Check Print Cp_setup.exe
Front Desk FrontDeskSetup.msi
Image Scanning imageX.msi No longer there?
Custom Report Designer RDSetup.msi
WebCam VideoCapX.msi This must be for direct capturing photos on photo link fields.

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